led lamp gps tracker[LT-Tracker]

led lamp Gps Tracker and audio monitor

Gps tracker integrated into this flashlight, equip it with a SIM card (all operators), and you will locate from your Mobile or from the manufacturer's web platform.

In addition to his duties as tracking, audio monitor is hidden from your Mobile, you will hear the sounds goshawks (5m)

motion detector allows you to be alerted in case of movement (option you can disable remote), this option is provided against vehicle theft.

Designed for protecting lone workers, against vehicle theft, this flashlight is a marvel of technology, professional monitoring equipment TECHDIGITALE 24 month warranty.

standby time : 200 days

size: 155mm x55mm x type 55mm

Batery: 2200mAh lithium-ion

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PDF format is available below

PDF TECHDIGITALE.COM Lampe torche - Gps tracker


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