mobile dvr recorder[AMR6461]

MOBIL DVR Recorder for your embedded video surveillance

Embedded Professional 4CH DVR (camera 4)

Records on internal hard drive (2TB) and SD memory card up to 32GB

Installs quickly within all types of vehicles (DC12V)

Can be coupled with all types of display screen for viewing

High quality H264 compression, anti-shock and vibration

    1. H.264 compression formats
    2. Support max. 1pc 32GB SD Card
    3. Live: 100fps (PAL) 120fps (NTSC)
    4. Record: CIF: 100fps (PAL) 120fps (NTSC)
    5. Playback: CIF: 100fpps (PAL) 120fps (NTSC)
    6. 6 Record mode: record ignition, open / close door record, timing record, 24 hours record, shutdown delay record,

        open / close door interval record
    7. SD card storage, easy plug in / out
    8. Anti-vibrate, anti-high temperature
    9. Auto record cover: 16GB SD card can store passenger on and off in recent 30 days

Embedded DVR with 6 recording modes

1 - Continuous (with crash sequences)

2 - Movement

3 - Door Opening

4 - Door closure

5 - Programming horraire

6 - Alarm when disconnection

TECHDIGITALE 2-year warranty, free shipping to all destinations from France