plush gps tracker[PL89]

Plush gps tracker | Protection and monitoring child

A plush equipped with a GPS tracker for real-time location

An SOS button concealed audio and microphone for remote communication Mobile

This gps tracker device uses a SIM card (all operators without distance limitation)

locates from the web platform dedicated

Free public access is reserved you, you will locate your child in real time, you will supervise

alarms (geographic barrier, motion detection, speed and SOS alert)

You will consult the travel history

locates from your Smartphone

From your Mobile, SMS or by using the dedicated application (Android or iPhone) will locate your child in real time
Microphone for listening and communication

An audio microphone is hidden, it allows you at all times and by simple call to the device to listen to and communicate with your child.
An SOS button concealed for protection

As soon as this button is triggered, you receive (you and authorized administrators (3)

SMS followed by a call alerting you trigger the SOS

The geographical position of the SOS trigger will be notified on mapping (link to GoogleMaps SMS)

The dimensions are: 11.5 (h) x 7.5 (L) x 9 cm

Its weight: 60g

Warranty TECHDIGITALE 2years, offered delivery to any destination (from France)

A documentation in PDF format is available below

Document PDF TECHDIGITALE Documentation