Solar Gps tracker[BTS85]

Solar Gps tracker waterproof with magnets

Locate in real time, undetectable tag

A tag Gps high performance solar Tracker with 4 powerful magnets

Waterproof and shockproof for outdoor use in all weather conditions

Solar for autonomy (light) up to 30 days standby

Your sleep mode tag dice there is more movement in sleep mode, your tag emits no signal

Your Gps tracker is then undetectable stopped

Locate by SMS or using our web platform, this one is for you dice purchase, free and private access

Application available for iOS and Android (Free)

As soon as your tracer tag loses signal (basement), an alert is sent with the last position you

Here the alerts you can set:

♦ Speed ​​Assistant

♦ area exceeded Alert (you define on a map area not to exceed) Platform

♦ Alert movement and shock warning

♦ Low Battery Alert

The LEDs can be switched off remotely (by SMS)

You can save up to 3 administrator

Free shipping to all destinations, 2 warranty years