tracker gps cattle[BE-Traceur]

Against the cattle rustling: solar tracker GPS(Global positioning system) for the real time location

Geography locate in real time since your Gsm or use our free Web platform, this one reserved during the purchase of our tracer GPS(Global positioning system) for cattle.

A SIM card is enough so that your tracker GPS(Global positioning system) is operational.

You can define a geographical barrier not to be crossed(exceeded), easy to set up since our Web platform.

Dice that this zone is exceeded(overtaken), you receive an alert by SMS on your Gsm.

Do not care about his(her,its) autonomy, our tracer GPS(global positioning system) for cattle is equipped with a solar panel.

battery(drum kit) is of type(chap) 5000mAh, is 400 days in sleep mode.

Tracker GPS (global positioning system):  weight is of 190g and its dimensions(size) are: (117*59*30 mm)

The necklace: neckline: 1900 (mm), weight: 300g

Free shipping , warranty : 2 years